Sunday, December 8, 2013

Sydney's Finest Escorts for the Christmas Season!

If you are planning for a visit in Sydney for the Holiday season, then you would love to know more about sweet and sexy Sydney escorts. These are the ladies who can make your sensual fantasies, a reality. They can make you feel relaxed and ready for a night of fun and excitement!

View these videos below and envision your would-be experience with these private girls.

Happy Holidays from the sexiest escorts girls in Sydney!

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

The Heart-Stopping Sydney escape with Escort Girls in NSW

People with responsibilities normally want to let loose. Where better to celebrate that escapade than in Sydney. Prefer a different take on vacations and book yourself a Sydney escort. Self-made experiences are the most driving and interesting things you can do. Sought after escort agencies are sure to book you girls with the face and flirty wits by browsing their profiles online. These Sydney escorts aim to provide top notch services that are sure to blow your mind.

Get in touch with your raging side and indulge in your dirtiest dreams with a stranger or a loving and passionate evening with the girl next door. Most girls always come up with a great time by hanging out it up with their clients mixing business with pleasure. Sometimes when you're feeling blue, several ladies tend to give a bit of pep talk to boost your morale. In some situations, your likely looking for someone to hold your hand to a party your boss is making you go to. Quality escort agencies often think of the best service they can provide for their clients.

Sydney Escort Honey Gold
Always give accurate preferences so the agency can provide you with the best service they can. . Some agencies prefer their clients to book in beforehand mostly if they’re from out of town. A large number of agencies are going online and keep their girl's profiles for your viewing pleasure. Read through their profiles to get an idea of the ethnicity, body type, or even personality. Go after an agency with great sound reviews to ensure the health standing of your chosen company for the night.

Booking these Sydney escorts online is definitely a suitable alternative if it’s a first time or too shy to process the transaction in person. Great agencies always respect the privacy of their clients as well as their girls. Keep in mind that with superior price brings superior service.


Thursday, November 7, 2013

Sydney’s Hottest Touring Escorts this November!

Sydney is going to be fired up with the hottest touring escorts from all over Australia this November. You would love the intimate services, the hottest girls and erotic moments from first class professional companions. Here are touring Sydney escorts that you would certainly love:

Honey Adams
Care to take a bite of her sweet and tempting body? Her voluptuous, full figure can give you satisfaction beyond measure. Honey Adams will be available in Sydney on the 4th to the 6th of November. 
Gia James
Gia is no stranger to the adult entertainment industry. Since she was 18, she had been performing with the best of the best. From Melbourne, Gia will be available on the 4th to the 7th of November.
Tara Mae
This Asian fantasy may just what you need for a hot and spicy time in Sydney. Tara is an exotic Spanish/Filipino mix enamoured with beauty. Catch her on tour from the 25th to the 28th of November.
Chloe Sakai
Another Asian fantasy that would excite your senses, Chloe Sakai is an East Asian beauty with descents from China and Japan. Make your bookings on the 14th to the 16th of November. 
Larissa Lee
One of the hottest Perth escorts, Larissa Lee is now touring Sydney on the 10th to the 11th of November. This blonde bombshell will certainly get you going.

Your erotic fantasies are just a click away from being fulfilled. Enjoy the company of hot Sydney escorts now touring New South Wales for the month of November. Catch these ladies on their tour dates and experience an out-of-this-world satisfaction. 

Monday, October 21, 2013

Escort Stories: Meeting a Celebrity and Beyond

What I like about being an escort is that you get to meet different people with different backgrounds and insights in life. Seeing them interact with one another is quite intriguing and fun. Aside from the huge paycheck that you get, you also meet celebrities and huge businessmen while on your travels with your client. This one particular experience that I have, details my escapade with a celebrity. I will not say anything regarding this guy that I will codename: Ben.

Unknowingly, Ben emailed me regarding my schedule 3 days from now. He wishes to spend time with me for a gala with his acquaintances. Seeing a potential client, I quickly responded to his email that I wish to meet up with him 3 days from now for an appointment. He arranged to meet at his five star hotel room downtown.

Because of my experience, I never grew nervous or anxious in meeting him. He was just a regular client seeking my services. Fast forward 3 days of meeting clients and dealing with my paperwork, I was getting ready to meet him up with all the things I need. I was wearing a violet cocktail dress with white shoes and a clutch bag. I was wearing red lipstick and my hair was stylishly loose falling on my back.

Ben and I met at the hotel lobby. I noticed people looking at me as I walk towards him. It was a different stare that I usually get when I walk up to lobbies like this. This time, I could see a hint of surprise in their faces. I noticed something familiar on Ben, it’s like I have seen him before but I just couldn’t make out who this guy really is.  He talked to me and his voice seems familiar as if I have seen him before.

We left the hotel on his car. While driving, we talked about lots of things. I couldn’t help but ask: have I seen you somewhere? He smiled and handed out a magazine in the backseat. Ben was not some regular client, he was a celebrity and of all the girls he could choose, he chose me! I was flattered. I smiled at him like I never smiled before. In all my days as an escort, this was some sort of an ego boost.

We arrived at the gala with lots of people in tuxedos and designer dresses. There were a couple of celebrities that I would not mention (to tickle your minds?). While I was with Ben, I felt that I was a celebrity too. People were snapping pictures of us and I didn’t mind at all. I could tell that people were staring but I was too preoccupied with how much attention I’m getting with Ben. I could tell he was having a great time too. I never overshadowed his aura and he rubbed off a little fame on me.

I was introduced to a couple of his acquaintances, we talked, we laughed and socialized with the others. This continued on for more than two hours until it was time to leave. Ben offered me a ride home and I obliged. During the ride home, he handed out my fee plus a tip. While on traffic, he kissed me with his soft lips as what anyone would do, I kissed him back. If we were not on the road, we could’ve been doing a little bit more.

It was time to leave, I said my goodbyes and he opened the door for me. I watched him vanish in the horizon. I felt like Cinderella after the clock ticked 12. I felt sad that he had to leave but happy that I got to spend time with him. If you are reading this now Ben, I miss you and I hope we can be together again.

Danika XOXOX

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Escorts in Sydney Photos for your Enjoyment

Madison Missina
The Empress Jasmine Jaro
Lorena Del Mar
Charlie Hott
Gloria Van Vaulker
Sarina Marcelle
Christine McQueen
Lucy Bell
Layla Leons
If you want to view more Sydney Escort girls, you can take a good look on our galleries and find the right escort for you.

Sunday, September 22, 2013

We know how much you are craving for an intimate time with a woman. You could fulfill your deepest, darkest fantasies with the best Sydney and Tasmania escorts in Australia. Seeing only the most elite gentleman and bachelor, these ladies have more than most escorts lack: genuine companionship towards clients. Before you choose escorts online, you can view these videos for more information.

If you are looking for Sydney escorts or Tasmania escorts, you can view our galleries.

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

September’s Touring Sydney Escort Girls

September is another month of fun and excitement for many Sydney escort girls. Touring from all over Australia, the country’s capital is enjoying its erotic bliss with the hottest and newest escorts in Australia. To give you a lowdown of touring girls this September, here is a list of beautiful escorts that you can book in Sydney for September:

Olivia Acqui
If you are looking for an exotic woman full of grace and erotic beauty, Olivia Acqui will be available on Sydney on the 28th to the 29th of September.

Anne Melbourne
Taking a break from her porn and modeling career in Las Vegas, Anne Melbourne is now back in her homeland to cater to her lovers in Sydney. Young, vivacious and raunchy, Anne can be your girl on her tours to the city on the 20th of September to the 24th with Lucie Bee.

Mia Jovovich
For those who wish for longer bookings with a high class touring escort, you can now book Mia Jovovich in Sydney! Mia is staying in the city for the whole month of September, giving you more time to make your bookings.

Isabelle Brooks
Fresh from her glamour photoshoot, Isabelle is now flaunting her looks for her lovers in Sydney. This private escort from Queensland can give you the happiness and pleasure you want in Sydney on the 3rd to the 6th of September.

Estelle Lucas
Saving the best for last, Estelle Lucas is one of our high class escorts from Melbourne. Estelle is an in-demand, sensual and erotic playmate in Australia and had garnered a number of reviews online. Estelle will be in Sydney on the 8th to the 9th of September.

Featuring the best and hottest escort girls in Australia, Private Girls is now giving you the opportunity to date and make love to these ladies. For a larger selection of Sydney escort girls in the country, you can view our gallery.

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

6 Ways on How to have Kinky Sex

Sydney Girls

If you have tried every sex position there is or doing it in the most unusual places yet you still lack the fiery desire that you are looking for, then it is time to turn to kinky sex. Kinky sex is a little bit more out of your comfort zone and you feel awkward or uncomfortable of doing it, then it is best that you should wait for the right moment to get you in condition.

Surprising your man with sex toys, vibrators, lingerie and the right sexual attitude might get the satisfaction that you both want in sex and your relationship. However, you must see to it that your man is the type who is open to being kinky. Here are some ways (for beginners) on how to be kinky in bed?

  • Anal Sex. This kind of kink needs to be done slowly in order to avoid any painful experiences in your sex session. Before committing to this sort of kink, try on small butt plugs if it’s your first time to have anal sex. After several weeks, you can move on to larger ones to help your backdoor cope up with the stretching its going to get in bed. Always use lube to make it less painful for you and him.
  • G-Spot Stimulation. G-spots are not exclusive to women, males also have a g-spot but they can sometimes be hard to reach. To do so, massage his anus and penetrate it slowly while keeping your palm upward and making a “come here” motion with your index finger. By this time, you are stimulating his prostate which can give him the intense orgasms that he is looking for. You can double it up by giving him a BJ while doing so.
  • S&M. Don’t bring out your diapers, latex outfits and whips just yet. For beginners, S&M can seem a little bit awkward but if done correctly and with the right attitude, it can be a kinky way to have sex. S&M is all about the tease. You can tie him up on your bedpost; lick his body from his nipples all the way down. You can give him oral sex or ride him and by time he is ready to ejaculate, you can immediately stop for the tease. If he had had enough, you can let him go and give him full access to you. You will submit to his every whim and go full on.
  • Porn fantasies. Every man had always wanted to have sex like a porn star. You can watch hardcore porn before you have sex or while masturbating together. It can be really awkward at first, but if you’re game enough, mimicking a porn star can be easy. He can make you squirt and go a little bit naughty by filming it.
  • Role playing/ Lingerie. This is probably the easiest one on the list. Role playing and lingerie play can be your kind of thing in kinky sex. As far as your imagination can take you, you can take up a role in a scene where you end up having sex. There are many scenarios in which you can reenact such as the French maid, student - teacher, serviceman - horny wife, etc. For lingerie, sexy and revealing lingerie can be a way for them to feel sexy and horny at the same time. Find the right type of lingerie for you and it will take you all the way in kinky sex play.
  • Sex Toys. It can be a little bit awkward buying a vibrator or a dildo for the first time but if you aim to please your man and yourself, then go ahead and do it. You can use sex toys for your S&M fantasies; masturbate in front of him or together. Sex toys is a classic way of being kinky. Toys for him and her are always available at local kink shops.

Going kinky can be a great thing in sex. If you are in a relationship or not, you can definitely keep your naughty secret with us. Sydney escort girls can make all these kinky fantasies come true for you. Know more about these girls in our main website.

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

7 Tips for First-Time Clients in Dating Escorts

She was wearing a tight, dark blue dress in sexy black heels. I was nervous when she approached me on my table at the restaurant. One thing I noticed about her was her sweet yet very suggestive smile. The thought about sleeping with an escort for the first time scared me.

Meeting escorts for the first time, especially for those that are sort of new to the whole industry can be a nerve-racking experience. Even experienced clients admit to being anxious and nervous when meeting new escorts for the first time. This is no different for inexperienced clients meeting escorts for the first time in their life.

With whatever reason you have, meeting an escort will always end up in sex. Nervousness and anxiety have great effects on potency and performance; plus it will take away the pleasure and intimate fun that you are going to be having with these ladies. So to help you out, here are some tips that might help you in meeting a Sydney escort:

  1. Days before the meeting. Try to be friendlier to your friends or neighbors. Try to be more social and work on your social skills to help you communicate with your escort.
  2. Prepare your outfit for the appointment. Looks can contribute to confidence. Get a shower, shave, brush up your hair (or whatever hairstyle that would show a little bit more of your face and eyes) and find your best clothes. Do not wear shorts or a T-shirt.
  3. Build up your confidence by talking to the mirror all the time. Try to project what your girl would like to see. Work on your facial expression and get a crash course on etiquette and manners.
  4. Meeting high class Sydney escorts is an opportunity to take your sexuality to the next level. Read how-to videos on seducing your escort and how to properly please a woman’s body. You can also try out new stuff that you have always wanted to try when it comes to sex.
  5. Put on the right attitude when meeting with these girls. Be the gentleman that you are: polite, respectful and generous. Pay for dinner, your hotel and champagne that you are going to consume (yes, getting a high class escort is expensive but the quality of service is money well spent).
  6. Play along with the spontaneity. Don’t be the guy who always has this cue cards on his hands. Work on your openness to other people by being the fun person that you are.
  7. Just be yourself. There is no one who knows you better than you do. Even with all the attitude and confidence stuff, be the person that you are when meeting with these ladies.

Not only can you apply these tips in meeting elite Sydney escorts, you can also use these to enhance your dating experience. If you want to date the hottest glamour models in Australia, take a look at our Sydney Escort girls gallery.