Sunday, June 30, 2013

8 Surprising Facts about Boobs

Boobs are one of the things that separate males from females and are a primary sexual characteristic for most men and women. Apparently men are not the only ones comparing sizes. It is probably basic sexual instinct for men to pursue women who have big bazonkas. Well, to make it entertaining for all of us, here are some facts surrounding boobs:

  1. The world’s biggest breast size is 38KKK. Sheyla Hershey from Brazil was awarded by the Guiness Book of World Records for the Biggest Bra size of 38KKK. After 9 surgeries and more than one gallon of Silicone, Sheyla is now enjoying the perks of having super large breasts.
  2. There is an NGO that fights for women’s rights to be topless. Ever jealous of men wearing topless on beaches? Then you can be a part of their cause. The NGO often holds protests with topless women going on the streets. We are sure that most men are now checking out their next event on their website right now.
  3. The left breast is different from the other. Studies have proven that the left boob is larger than the other. The difference is so subtle that most women hardly even notice. And get this, nipple size also varies and so is it’s direction!
  4. Boobs are the first thing men look at. It comes to no surprise to women for a man to constantly stare at their boobs. Research from the University of Victoria proved that men stare at boobs the longest time compared to other parts of the body.
  5. Men can produce milk. Since males also possess mammary glands, men can also produce milk. Though very rare, these cases are often linked to hormonal imabalance or even cancer.
  6. British women have the big boobs in all Europe. A survey from popular bra maker Triumph proved that women in England have big boobs with lots of women wearing D Cup bra size followed by Denmark and Holland. One ticket to London please?
  7. You can major in Bra studies in China. In Hongkong Polytechnic College, you can major in Bra studies where you are taught how to properly design and make brassiere. There is even an exhibit where you can see designs and advancements in intimate apparel.
  8. Breast augmentation is the number one cosmetic surgery in the US. More than 2 million women in the United States who have breast implants making it the most popular cosmetic procedure in the country followed by Rhinoplasty and Liposuction.

We cannot deny that boobs are one of men’s ultimate weakness. But it doesn’t mean they only go for women with large breasts. There are other things that make up the perfect match. Find the perfect girl for you here at Sydney Escorts website.

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