Sunday, July 28, 2013

From Australia with Love: The Advantages of Being an Escort

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The adult entertainment business is an industry that is well-hidden from society. Because of the social stigma from being in the business, many escort girls (and even porn stars) tend to hide themselves from the world. Even with such outcomes, there are still females that want to break into the world of escorting. However, there are still factors that make escorting enjoyable for our girls:

Financial gain in the escorting world

One of the biggest factors why many girls want to be escorts is the huge income that comes after the job. In Australia, high class escorts could earn up to $800 to $1000 an hour. Even if you see a few clients a day, you could still wind up with a week’s pay in your hands.

Even if you are just starting in the business, being an independent escort would guarantee you at least $100 an hour depending on your rates. Whether you work for an agency or you are independent, there is still huge money behind escorting.

Sexual Experiences

We cannot deny that this industry would require you to strip down for money but most of these girls also take advantage of the sexual experiences that lies ahead. Hedonists, dommes, swingers or basically anyone who enjoys sex more than anyone else (especially with different partners) will surely be enthusiastic about escorting.

With each of your clients, you will have varying intensities and unique experiences. You will have the opportunity to experiment and even apply the stuff that you read (fifty shades, anyone?) or be the sex-loving person that you are.

The opportunity to meet different kinds of people

One advantage of being an escort is that you can be the social animal that you are. You will get the chance to meet new people every day. A social escorting service gives you the chance to rub elbows with the rich, famous and elite personalities. Get the chance to be invited to dinner dates and business events with your client.

Traveling is also a big plus in the escorting world. As an escort, you will be able to travel while on tours interstate or even go international! Clients will also be able to book you for a couple of days as a travel companion, how’s that for relaxation?

Being in this industry for quite some time, I have met many escorts that solely has the passion to be a high class escort. Even if these girls have the qualification to land another job in an office or even as professionals, they still chose a good escorting career. There are even girls that have PhD’s and masters that still practice in the adult entertainment industry.

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