Tuesday, August 6, 2013

7 Tips for First-Time Clients in Dating Escorts

She was wearing a tight, dark blue dress in sexy black heels. I was nervous when she approached me on my table at the restaurant. One thing I noticed about her was her sweet yet very suggestive smile. The thought about sleeping with an escort for the first time scared me.

Meeting escorts for the first time, especially for those that are sort of new to the whole industry can be a nerve-racking experience. Even experienced clients admit to being anxious and nervous when meeting new escorts for the first time. This is no different for inexperienced clients meeting escorts for the first time in their life.

With whatever reason you have, meeting an escort will always end up in sex. Nervousness and anxiety have great effects on potency and performance; plus it will take away the pleasure and intimate fun that you are going to be having with these ladies. So to help you out, here are some tips that might help you in meeting a Sydney escort:

  1. Days before the meeting. Try to be friendlier to your friends or neighbors. Try to be more social and work on your social skills to help you communicate with your escort.
  2. Prepare your outfit for the appointment. Looks can contribute to confidence. Get a shower, shave, brush up your hair (or whatever hairstyle that would show a little bit more of your face and eyes) and find your best clothes. Do not wear shorts or a T-shirt.
  3. Build up your confidence by talking to the mirror all the time. Try to project what your girl would like to see. Work on your facial expression and get a crash course on etiquette and manners.
  4. Meeting high class Sydney escorts is an opportunity to take your sexuality to the next level. Read how-to videos on seducing your escort and how to properly please a woman’s body. You can also try out new stuff that you have always wanted to try when it comes to sex.
  5. Put on the right attitude when meeting with these girls. Be the gentleman that you are: polite, respectful and generous. Pay for dinner, your hotel and champagne that you are going to consume (yes, getting a high class escort is expensive but the quality of service is money well spent).
  6. Play along with the spontaneity. Don’t be the guy who always has this cue cards on his hands. Work on your openness to other people by being the fun person that you are.
  7. Just be yourself. There is no one who knows you better than you do. Even with all the attitude and confidence stuff, be the person that you are when meeting with these ladies.

Not only can you apply these tips in meeting elite Sydney escorts, you can also use these to enhance your dating experience. If you want to date the hottest glamour models in Australia, take a look at our Sydney Escort girls gallery.

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