Monday, October 21, 2013

Escort Stories: Meeting a Celebrity and Beyond

What I like about being an escort is that you get to meet different people with different backgrounds and insights in life. Seeing them interact with one another is quite intriguing and fun. Aside from the huge paycheck that you get, you also meet celebrities and huge businessmen while on your travels with your client. This one particular experience that I have, details my escapade with a celebrity. I will not say anything regarding this guy that I will codename: Ben.

Unknowingly, Ben emailed me regarding my schedule 3 days from now. He wishes to spend time with me for a gala with his acquaintances. Seeing a potential client, I quickly responded to his email that I wish to meet up with him 3 days from now for an appointment. He arranged to meet at his five star hotel room downtown.

Because of my experience, I never grew nervous or anxious in meeting him. He was just a regular client seeking my services. Fast forward 3 days of meeting clients and dealing with my paperwork, I was getting ready to meet him up with all the things I need. I was wearing a violet cocktail dress with white shoes and a clutch bag. I was wearing red lipstick and my hair was stylishly loose falling on my back.

Ben and I met at the hotel lobby. I noticed people looking at me as I walk towards him. It was a different stare that I usually get when I walk up to lobbies like this. This time, I could see a hint of surprise in their faces. I noticed something familiar on Ben, it’s like I have seen him before but I just couldn’t make out who this guy really is.  He talked to me and his voice seems familiar as if I have seen him before.

We left the hotel on his car. While driving, we talked about lots of things. I couldn’t help but ask: have I seen you somewhere? He smiled and handed out a magazine in the backseat. Ben was not some regular client, he was a celebrity and of all the girls he could choose, he chose me! I was flattered. I smiled at him like I never smiled before. In all my days as an escort, this was some sort of an ego boost.

We arrived at the gala with lots of people in tuxedos and designer dresses. There were a couple of celebrities that I would not mention (to tickle your minds?). While I was with Ben, I felt that I was a celebrity too. People were snapping pictures of us and I didn’t mind at all. I could tell that people were staring but I was too preoccupied with how much attention I’m getting with Ben. I could tell he was having a great time too. I never overshadowed his aura and he rubbed off a little fame on me.

I was introduced to a couple of his acquaintances, we talked, we laughed and socialized with the others. This continued on for more than two hours until it was time to leave. Ben offered me a ride home and I obliged. During the ride home, he handed out my fee plus a tip. While on traffic, he kissed me with his soft lips as what anyone would do, I kissed him back. If we were not on the road, we could’ve been doing a little bit more.

It was time to leave, I said my goodbyes and he opened the door for me. I watched him vanish in the horizon. I felt like Cinderella after the clock ticked 12. I felt sad that he had to leave but happy that I got to spend time with him. If you are reading this now Ben, I miss you and I hope we can be together again.

Danika XOXOX

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