Monday, November 17, 2014

5 Surprising SEX Mistakes That You're Possibly Making!

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How long have you been having sex? Since your adolescence stage maybe? Early, mid, or late 20's? Whatever it is, be certain that you really know and understand what you're doing. If not, then you have to figure it out!

Hey! Maybe you're doing something wrong to your goddess. Here are 6 sex mistakes you're possibly making:

1. Thinking that sex is a RACE

“Stop it!”

Right now, I want you to reprogram your mindset with regards to sex. It's not a sports car race competition where everyone is hurrying to reach the finish line. Slow it down racer guy.

Explore her first. Focus on her alluring thighs and tease her tatas. Gently caress her with your hands and “for the sake of saving your romance,” please do some multi-tasking! Rub her back while kissing and never forget the hugs. That would bring her to the red zone. Trust me!

2. Doing it at the SAME time and SAME place

“Aren't you bored of doing same things again?”

Of course you are. Nobody wants to do things over and over again. That's why there's what we called as “throwback!” (Doing the old things!)

The point is making your past sex experiences happen again. Bring her to the garage and reunite with the territory you long ago surrendered too. Tease and seduce her again to have intercourse at the back-seat of the car. Do quickies at any time and give her more orals anywhere! ANYWHERE. (As long as it's okay with her.)

3. Foreplay is PREDICTABLE, tsk...tsk...
“Same pattern is not exciting anymore.”

Doing the same patterns again? A pattern, when practiced every day becomes so easy and familiar – eventually losing its spark. So, be creative dude! You don't want to be dumped for being naive, right?

Perhaps, you're not in your hundred percent condition. I suggest you do some work out together and immerse to some fat-burning exercises. This will raise the dopamine levels, which can be a huge help in easing your negative emotions and thoughts. Less unwanted thoughts and emotions mean a happier and more comfortable foreplay or even sex!

4. Watching TV, then having sex

“This isn't good...not good...not good.”

If you're one of the numerous guys who have been making this a habit, then you MUST break it, by all means! Aside from the fact that it's not good to your health, the radiation can drain your energy you need for your lustful encounter.

Here's something new: Read her a book. It's not necessary to be erotic as long as she wants it. Be creative in telling her the stories and much better if you could bring some few hand gestures to make it more realistic. You'll see how intimate it is.

Plus, lower your voice while reading! Some of my friends who are renowned Sydney Escorts believe that it's something that makes men more attractive.

5. Holding hands for too long

“There are other parts that need to be touched.”

So while having sex, minimise holding hands (I'm not preventing you to do it). Of course, holding hands is still a great move but don't overdo it. Remember, there are lots of hot zones in a woman's body. Caress them all!

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