Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Pump Up Your Wilting Sex Life With These 3 Cool & Natural Suggestions

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If you're stuck in a deep hole now, and you're having a tough time reviving your flagging sex life, don't despair. Remember that there are millions out there who are experiencing the same issues as yours, and they too are on the prowl searching for answers, whether they're busting their fortunes on expensive sex-enhancement pills or in newly-developed sexual techniques and methods. The answer to your sexual problems however, can be find within you.  It's because our body is naturally endowed with a lot of elements and capabilities for attaining a fulfilled sex life.

If you're still unsure, then perhaps the alluring vixens of Sydney Escorts can help by telling you that the key to achieving a successful sex life lies in keeping things natural. To achieve this, all you require is a relaxed and well-rested mind and body, and keep calm, then everything will follow.

1. Rev Up Your Lacklustre Confidence. A drooping and anaemic confidence level won't just drag your mind down, but it will make you physically sick too. The key to improving your weak self-esteem should begin with sweeping away any negativity that resides in your brain. By doing so, you will be one hundred percent confident of your innate sexual abilities, and you'll be able to focus on satisfying your partner in bed. 

But while in the process of reinforcing your confidence, don't allow yourself to turn cocky and self-serving, or else you'll earn the ire of your partner, and you won't be able to satisfy her too (as well as yourself). 

1. Give Her Your Best Kiss. In the realm of bedroom trysts, a kiss is not just a kiss. It is actually the jump-off point towards an amazing sexual encounter. This explains why you need to fully learn the art of kissing the right way. If you don't, then how will you be able to give your partner the best orgasms ever?

The moulding of our lips, according to sex experts, helps us gauge if our movements and actions are  synchronised or in tune with our partner's. If we fail to read sense and analyse these mysterious messages, then we won't b able to effectively hook up with our partner. So get those lips kissing with pride and passion, and make her long for you more!

2. Ready Your Lubricant. When women get aroused, their vagina naturally gets lubricated, and when having sex women say that “wetter is better”. This explains why lubricants are essential items, because they reduce, if not eliminate,  vaginal dryness, and they make penetration more intense, pain-free and extra pleasurable. Lubricants also allow men to  thrust longer and harder without causing any pain or irritation to women.

For the extra adventurous, lubricants are great for use with anal sex. By applying the right levels of lube, your lover’s anal entry point will be more than ready for deep and sensuous penetrations. The lube can also give added contractions and warmth for your penis.

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