Sunday, March 8, 2015

Sydney Escorts – Gorgeous Babes for Explosive Orgasms to Become Reality

Sydney Escorts
Engulfing sexual releases are those sort of ejaculations that bring you to the top point of supreme fulfilment. It is utterly consuming as it is how the wants of your body are being satisfied to its best potential. The showcased vixens at Sydney Escorts are more than capable of providing just that... All you need to do is ask...

Rain had begun to fall on my rooftop. We had just achieved climax and both of us were out of breath with satisfaction. This had to be the first time that I've attained the real shared erotic connection. My cock is planted in the depths of her vagina, and to my surprise, I am still hard! The sexual deity is relaxing on her side with me snug to her back, as we attained mutual orgasm through the spooning position. It was simple to sit back along with her and it felt just as if time stopped.

She turned her face to me and gave me a kiss filled with sexiness and sweetness. This babe tasted so utterly awesome! With my free hand, I caressed her sleek skin beginning with her delicious thighs to her firm buttocks and gave it a gentle yet playful smack; she had such a stunning ass. My hands then went on to feel her figure until I reached her round boobs. They were so incredibly shaped and soft in my hands. I started licking her tempting nipples and caressing her bust, softly and intensely.

While we were involved in the hot make out session, my thoughts couldn't help but picture how fantastic she looked and sounded in our session that took place just moments ago. First we did it in the missionary pose with her legs draped about my hips as I was hammering my cock into her softness. She was so soaked that my cock was quickly sliding in and out while pummelling her with rough rhythmic movements. Her screams were echoing all around the room however I recognised they weren't cries of suffering but full of intense pleasure. With each thrust, her boobs jiggled before me teasingly, which drove me wild. Filled with so much strength, both my hands moved to fondle both well-formed breasts while adding my weight completely on her delicate yet utterly horny features...

Minutes later, we repositioned to do the doggie style. I am still taken aback at how much this female naturally lubricates her pussy. It was the wettest vagina I have ever penetrated that presented me such rapturous pleasure. The smacking sounds of our bodies were echoing all over the room and were accompanied by the chorus of her cries and my groans.

I noticed myself nearing my ejaculation. We then followed in doing the spooning position as I closed her lower limbs, making her more restrictive than she currently was. Her walls were squeezing me encouraging my orgasm and in liquid moments of delicious thrusts, we achieved our rapturous chorus of climaxes...

Going back to the current moment, we halted our sensational make out session and surrendered to our sleepiness because we know hours from now, we will be going at it again.

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